Beautiful Haplopelma minax tarantulas


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Nov 2, 2002
:rolleyes: I was just wondering how many of you out there have a genuine Haplopelma minax? I have a large about 7 inch female and she is genuinely one of the most beautiful and nasty spiders I have ever had.I am a real fan of this species as they are definitely what I consider a "must have" for a serious collection.I also have a 3 inch juvenile female as well that I have raised since she was a sling...I never fail to be impressed with this species pure aggression and attitude....I have had my 7 inch female escape momentarily a couple of times but unlike a H.lividum ( which always seem to bolt like crazy....) the H.minax will always stand her ground and go into an extreme threat posture - flexing her chelicerae and making aggressive motions with her pedipalps.I keep my Minaxs at about 78 degrees and humid...about 80 per cent humidity and have allowed them to burrow - I predominately feed them crickets with the rare pinky.They so far appear to be very hardy and rather slow growing I would say.But definitely a spider to add to your collection if you can find them...getting hard to do so I might add!!!

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Jul 19, 2002

besides h. schmidti h. minax is my favorite haplopelma, just have'nt got one yet , i have located a few places that have true ones though, i'm just getting all my t's and stuff situated until i make any more order those will be on my list though, and i'm sure devildoll will post under this as he has one that hes very proud of..., i love the attitude on haps, plus i'm a big fan of burrowers, where did you get yours from if you don't mind me asking?, thanks---Jeff

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Nov 3, 2002
Originally posted by Theraposa
hey Big Dragonfly.. your H. aureopilosum kinda the same like my Asian Cheveron (Cyriopagopus paganus) but mine is black and has tiger markings on the abdomen. here's a link from Kelly's site
I think that the Cyriopagopus paganus pretty much looks the same. It is just darker.

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Aug 25, 2002
heres mine

Heres what I got:
2 H Schmidti adult females one is a Huge 9" and awaiting an eggsac from her the other is an 8" and is gravid
my H minax "true minax" is 7 1/2" and is gravid
H. Sp. / aureopilosum is 5" and is gravid
H. Costale is but a juvenile 3"
Haplopelma genus is one of my favorites thats why im the Haploman this pic i have attached is of the H Schmidti female which is gravid pic taken by my brother LaRiz also on my avatar is the gravid H Schmidti