bark for emps enclosure


Nov 2, 2010
Hi everyone,

Ive read that some people get bark for there spids from woods,forrests ect, some wash it and some dont.

sometime next year ( hopefully the south east arachnid show) be getting an emp. i really wanna make a natural enclosure using a false bottom setup with eco earth or soil, bark, plants ect.

my question is if i collect a peice of park from the said wood. not knowing if it has pesticides and chemicals on it by covering it boiling water and a light scrub so remove nastys but not moss ect

another way i could do it is get the bark now, clean as above and keep mosses attached alive by keeping them in a rub with daily mistings. 3 months of watering down as such

Would this be safe enough ? let me know your veiws please people.Cheers