Back from my "T collecting" expidition.


Old Timer
Mar 30, 2003
Oops.. My bad..

We were not going to the So. Cal desert like I thought..

In a last minute change we headed north/east to the Sierra Nevadas.

Not much in the way of Ts at 5,000 ft. ;)

It was, however a great snake trip (14 total caught, photographed and released) in the 24 hrs we were there.

We also saw quite a few Scorps, milipedes (largest being about 5") and 1 pretty large centipede (All red, about 4")

So, Next moth or so is when we plan to go south.. Way south. Like Joshua Tree or so..

I will keep you updated on future T collection expiditions.

We did stop at a serpentarium, and checked out what they had.

They had like 4 Ts, an A. avic, A G. rosea, a mislabled Malasian Earth Tiger (Was labled a Chinese earth tiger) and some other guy I didnt recognise (Dark brn, almost black with thin yellow bands at the 4th joint from the coxea.

All their Ts were in good looking enclosures, and looked very healthy, so that was good to see..

Oh well.. Maybe next trip Ill get to see some Ts.