B. smithi spiderling won't eat


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Jul 19, 2002
I purchased three tarantulas from John Hoke at e-spiderworld and had a question about the smallest one I received, a 0.3 inch B. smithi.
The B. smithi appears to be in excellent health. It is very active, although it doesn't seem to have any interest in food. In fact, it seems to run away from the pinhead crickets I have been trying to feed it. They are about .125 " in length.
I am keeping it in a pill bottle with moist peat moss as a substrate. I water it by misting the sides of the container and letting the drops stay on the sides.
This is the smallest spiderling I have ever got (smallest before was about 1.25") and I am concerned that it will survive. Not being familiar with ones that small, I have no way of telling when it is getting ready to molt. Is it possible that is is ready and just in pre-molt? Its abdomen is not huge and swollen, just regular size.
Any help/information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much!


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Jul 17, 2002
I've found that some spiderlings are scared of live prey! There are a couple things you could try. You could smash an older cricket and put it in there, or you could use pinkie parts, or beef heart.
For beef heart, your local supermarket probably carries it. You'd have to probably buy the whole heart (about $2), and freeze it.
Most of my spiders LOVE it! I just take a chunck the appropriate size, and put it on the side of the vial, or in the webbing for arboreals. Remove it within 24 hours if not eaten.
I also love getting the broken off legs and tails of pinkies when I buy frozen mice. They will give them to you for free, since they can't sell them! They are perfect for small spiderlings. ALL my small babies love them.
Hope that helps!

Vayu Son

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Jul 19, 2002

I have a P.scrofa that acts the same. Kill/dissect its prey for it.