B. jacksoni ?'s


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May 3, 2003
I have a communal 20L tank containing 1.3 Babycurus jacksoni. I have created their enclosure similar to C. gracilis enclosure where I have provided many vertical hides. Along with the vertical hides, I have provided several ground level hides. Usually, when I observe them using the vertical hides they are at the base. Should I be providing more vertical hides or the more traditional, horizontal hides? The scorpions seem to prefer the ground level hides to the vertical hides, but they are still settling into their surroundings. Before I alter their enclosure I want to be sure I’m making a wise decision. Should I use a dense stacking and layering method for the vertical hides? Has anyone else had success with species? Any information will be greatly appreciated.


W. Smith


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Feb 12, 2003
My advice would be to stick with mostly ground-level hides. You can throw in some vertical ones, but keep them closer to the ground. This sp. isn't going to burrow, but it's not really a tree-dweller either. They'll climb up looking for food, but they usually keep their homes near the ground.

Are they being active for you? If so, you might want to put the 20L on its side to create a lot of vertical space for them to explore. If they've already calmed down and are resting near the bottom, don't worry about it. Either way in the end they'll stay near the ground.

What is the setup like now? Humidity, temp, substrate, etc?

And pics?

Just curious.

Neat looking scorps, aren't they?

Good luck!