Steve Nunn

Old Timer
Aug 30, 2002
Re: and by the way...

Actually Phil and Bill, you are both right :)

The tarsi on A. versicolor contain no pale shades (as Bill has rightly stated), but, as Phil is trying to point out A.versicolor do in fact have pink "toes". In this case, the toes are the claw tufts, which are far more pronounced on all Avics as opposed to other theraphosid genera(except some of the other arboreals). Depending on what the spider is doing will depend on whether or not these tufts are visible. You guys are talking about two different pieces of anatomy here. I think if you were talking about the same piece of anatomy you would agree.

This is the problem with a "common" term such as "pink foot". Who's right, well, both of you are because who's to say that "pink toe" refers to either the tarsi or the claw tufts, or in fact both? Neither of you can justly say you are solely correct because you won' find any paperwork to suppor your claims.

Confusing, these common terms and names, they suck to be frank and this is exactly why. If you two were discussing anatomy using scientific terms, you'd be agreeing with each other. In the end it does nothing but confuse hobbyists.

My 2 cents......