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Augacephalus ezendami


Sep 2, 2009
Mating: 14th Febr 2010.

Kokon laid: 02nd July 2010..

Kokon remove: 09th July 2010. (28 pieces)

Molt to L1: 14th July 2010. (11 pieces)

Molt to L2: 26th July 2010. (5 pieces)

First molt: 07th Aug 2010. (4 pieces)



Old Timer
Dec 12, 2005
Augacephalus ezendami breeding report
Pre mating care-
Female was fed a few roaches before the male was released into her tub,this was over the course of about a week.She was cooled down to around 70F and soaked alittle for 2 weeks before being heated up again to around 80F
The pairing-22.11.2013
I put the male into the females tub several times to which after roughly 1-2 hours each time nothing had happened,no interest from him or her even when the male got spooked and ran over the top of her.I left them together for 48hrs and then got him out alive.He then made a sperm web so I assumed they paired and he went off to another female I have,
Post mating care
After 2 days of the assumed mating I started to feed the female even more roaches,3-4 lobster roach adults per week.After 2 weeks she started expanding her burrow and webbing about alittle more,I poured a very small amount of water in one end of the substrate.I also increased the temps to around 30C after 3 weeks.
I peeked in and found what looked to be a sac deep inside her burrow.She hadn’t sealed it off or anything but I was confident it was a sac.After 5 days it looked like the burrow had collapsed slightly and blocking off the entrance to where the sac was.i left it another couple days but she was spending a lot of time out and about like there wasn’t a sac there anymore.I reopened the burrow to which she ran straight back in and stayed in there for a further 2 days.Then she came out again and started digging up her tub and I could no longer see a sac,I assumed it was gone as she wasn’t ever in there for the next 2 weeks or so.I even started feeding her up again.
Eggsac pulled-25.1.14
I decided to open it up and have a look to see if its there or not.I dug it up alittle and saw her on it,she never put up a fight when I grabbed it,I opened it to find roughly 70 N2 inside
Slings- 08.02.14
About 70 or so