Assassin bug questions


Apr 11, 2017
I have P. horrida, they are extremely easy to care for. I keep them dry at room temperature with a small water dish as they do use it. This tank has 23 adults in it. all raised from eggs from my original 2. I don't have it set up for the eggs to hatch but if you want them to hatch just keep an area of substrate moist and you'll end up with nymphs which are fine to raise in the same tank. Mine go through 50-60 large red runners a week, I just dump the roaches in every week and leave small dishes of roach food and water crystals in there for any roaches which may survive. By the next feeding time all the roaches are gone,lol. I remove any roach corpses I can see once a week, and remove the cork bark and do a total corpse clean out every other week. They are fairly long lived, roughly 2 years after maturity. Mine are pretty mellow but they have good eyesight so tongs are required to work in their enclosure so they don't mistake you for food. The only downside is that they get in scuffles occasionally and can get pretty stinky but that generally doesn't last long. P. horrida 1.jpg P. horrida 2.jpg P. horrida happy hour.jpg