Asian Forest Scorp - First time owner seeking tips


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Jul 8, 2007
I recently acquired an Asian Forest Scorpion from a friend. He was abandoned at her place of work by someone who was keeping the poor thing in a 5g aquarium, sand substrate, with an emperor scorpion. The forest scorpion must have out-competed the other for food, as it was utterly emaciated, very weak, and died within a day of being brought in. The forest scorpion is a good weight but was rather dehydrated; the girl I adopted from rectified this problem before giving him over to me.

I am hoping to get some husbandry tips to give this poor abused creature a long life and happy home. I have kept Emperor Scorpions and Red Claw Emperor Scorpions, and from what I hear, the husbandry is at least similar - is this accurate? My present set-up is a shallow breeder tank with the same length as a 10g but a slightly greater width; it is about 6.5" in height. There is ~ 4" mixed peat and coconut fiber for bedding, two log hides, some leaf litter, a bit of moss, and a shallow water bowl in the tank. I have been misting every other day to maintain humidity and feeding crickets and dubia roaches with tongs. The ambient air temp is eighty degrees, which is what I keep my room at to maintain a variety of tropical fish, birds, invertebrates, and plants. Therefore there is not a heating pad, though I hear these can be dangerous anyways as the animal burrows to cool down and can "cook"?

I guess what I'd like is some tips on husbandry. Do you see anything wrong with my present care practices? If yes, please speak up! Is 80 degrees a good temperature? From what I read, 75-90 is acceptable, but if it should be warmer I could try to find a safe way to heat half of the tank for a gradient. Also, just out of curiosity, what kind of lifespan should I be looking at here? I'm getting conflicting information from internet sources and am hoping someone with real-life experience can relay some information.

Thanks so much! "Gremlin" thanks you in advance, as well.


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May 30, 2007
By asian forest I believe it's a heterometrus spinifer?

I know from first hand experience that alot of the heterometrus scorpions are branded as 'asian forest scorpions' but I do believe they are all kept in similiar surroundings at around 85-90 fahrenheit.

I'm sure you'll have no problems keeping these if you've kept p.imperators before.

Also, they can live for up to 8 years. I don't think it's past would effect it's lifespan as 'stress' in arachnids is very different to the way you would feel stress. I read about that somewhere, just can't remember how to explain it.
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Mr. Mordax

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Oct 22, 2006
I agree with Jaffster. Most Heterometrus spp. require similar setups as emperor scorpions, so it sounds like you're doing OK. If you want to keep humidity up (misting doesn't do much) I'd reccomend setting up a false-bottom tank.

There's no need to tong-feed, though. My H. spinifer catches his own prey quite easily (I've used the same feeders as you have).