Araneomorph (True Spider) Picture Thread

Kaden Alexander

Feb 25, 2019
i love jumping spiders but i dont keep often let them wonder the house and help them with a bug or too lol

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Ok, so i had the time to take some pics just now (isn@t all of them just got pics of the ones that were willing lol).

Amaurobius Ferox? im unsure on this one but i believe its in the Amaurobius sp.

Segestria sp. (I think maybe florentina as the fangs have a slight green sheen)


Drasodes lapidosus

Tegenaria sp.

i have 4 of those, one grown on sling and 3 Juvies.

D. crocata mature male

I have another 3 mature females one juvie and a sling in a communal together of these guys one of the females layed a sack last night:

and i believe one of the other females is preparing a eggsack too, i'd like to have a go at successfully raising this species. as i have done so with my tegenaria, Steatoda nobilis and i currently have a Amaurobius similis sack that started emerging into slings today. I've tried looking for information on eggsack care/requirements online but didn't come up with anything lol if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated too. (Catfishrod i think you mentioned you kept these when i accidentally mislabelled a spider you needed an ID for? if so did you breed them? anything will help. thanks).
The first lycosidae was t ruricola I have three of them

heres another pic of my D.lapidosus from the other night:

and a lil suprise i got this evening:

more of my Tegenaria sp:

Trochosa sp:

anyone know if these are fully communal or just tolerant? ive seen no signs of aggression i put a 2 males in recently hoping atleast one will be gravid as both the males were devoured lol.
They are communal somewhat my neighbor had a communal set up just fine with no death as long as he fed all of them

94AACD1C-34F2-4C7B-8BB5-AD5A147C7B5B.jpeg T ruricola
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Feb 2, 2018
Hogna Lenta(?) Turns out she was suuuper pregnant when I got these pictures and now she's carrying an egg sac. Can't wait for babies!!