Arachnid breeding and moults


Old Timer
Jul 13, 2008
Ok i need some clarification on something possibly real nooby. So for several years i've been keeping strictly insects, and they show no breeding behaviour until they moult into thier final instar then they start breeding once they've matured.

Now i dont keep tarantulas either but from what i gather they moult past thier maturing instar, but once they moult they are no longer fertile if they where mated prior to the moult. So if they continue to moult past thier adult stage how do we know thier adult on their own?

Now the reason this is in this section is because i keep amblypygids, i've had a pair of what i thought where adults sine mid May of this year, i kept noticing breeding behavior in both of them and counted several spermetaphores ever since. That all stopped for a while leading up to the female moulting which surprised me because i thought she was adult. So a little while after that they started to show mating behavior again including more spermetaphores.

Recently my dads solo one died and i dried it, later when i was handling my male i noticed compared to my dads old dead one it looks like its a moult ahead of mine. Mine must be adult because he has been leaving spermetaphores for the female.

So is the mating behavior i am seeing now still viable?
Or will they only be fertile enough once thier both on thier final instar?
Any experianced tips are appreciated, i really want to get this right and breed them :(