appreciation thread.


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Mar 26, 2005
First off let me start by saying i've been in the hobby for around 15 years, off and on, and in all that time my knowledge of scorpions was rather limited. i blame this on several facts. The first being i never really took the time to research much on scorpions and secondly i didn't have access to a community of like minded people.

Over the the past 2 years being a member of the boards both things have changed. Admittedly i am still rather lazy in my researching of species, heck I'm barely up on scientific names except for the few species i own. I will say that the knowledge that i do have is information i have gotten from the people here on AB. Everyone here has greatly helped me in one way or the other, So much in fact that the local library has asked that my and myself do a little discussion for their "junior readers" program on Inverts with the focus being on scorpions are tarantulas. They have even asked we bring in a few of our collection so that the children can see some of "the worlds most fascinating " animals. (Librarians description)

With all that being said..... on with the thanks (if i forget anyone know that it's only cus i have a craptacular memory and not cus i didn't feel you didn't offer any worth while information.

Firstly thanks go to Skinheaddave and Ythier for pointing me in the right direction for most if not all the papers i have collected for most of the information on species descriptions.

Next Thanks to Dave Avery, Canadianscorp, Jordan,and Randolph for helping me acquire new species and answering any and all questions I have shot their way.

Lastly thanks to Cooper and Brak for inviting me into their respective homes and giving me a chance to hang with all the Awesome B.C. arachnophiles. Being able to sit for hours and BS with several people about bugs with out getting odd looks is one of the coolest things in the world.

As a post script.. thanks to anyone whose name i forgot... i know there are many more of you out there, but like i said... my memory is crap...


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Jul 4, 2005
Ditto! Even though I've been interested in this stuff all my life, I have been lazy about the book work and research compared to allot of people on this site. I have read allot of good info on the AB. I think the simplest but most important think I came across on the AB is ....the coco fiber for sub! The other major thing that really helped me out was how to control mites. Also, a great place to trade bug stuff.


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Nov 20, 2006
There is a whole scope of people with all levels of knowledge that contribute to the wealth of this forum, making it a pleasure to come to. There are the newbies that give those with knowledge the ability to pass on that knowledge. There are the Entomologists/ Scientists/ Biologist/ who cast great shadows which I'm only able to stand quietly within. The dreamers enlightening the forum with wishful thinking. The diplomats keeping the peace. The cut and dry who want only what is useful. A great mesh of folks who will at times collide and then in turn help someone to grow. And the MODs who stand a quiet vigil over the goings on of the whole. This is a great place to hang out. Thanks.

Alphabetically - these are the members I look forward to reading when I come here, due to their wealth of knowledge, insight, ability to convey and disseminate that knowledge, their pictures of their collection and general wisdom when it come to scorpions.

'Brian S'
'G. Carnell'

Regards Thaedion


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Oct 3, 2006
I would like to thank Dave of course whos knowledge and immense vocabularly can put webster himself to shame, he helped me a ton when I was new.

Definently Eric Ythier, (who should have been cast for "the rocks" role in "Scorpion King".

Brian, who is very smart, has a great collection and eagerly helps the begginers and vetrans of the forum.

Of course, everyones good old friend Georgie C.

Lastly, Micheal (thaedion), aka the king of research. Who we can all say has given us some very useful links in the last coulpe months!

Every one else I cannot thank you enough.


Brian S

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May 29, 2004
'Brian S'
Wow!! Thanks Bro :)
I will say this, I consider myself to be a pee-on run of the mill amatuer hobbyist. I keep and culture several species but in all honesty my scientific knowledge is lacking a great deal unlike some of the others you mentioned. Hell, I had to give skinheaddave my Heterometrus molts so he could ID them for me since I wasnt smart enough to do it LOL:rolleyes:
I have my own thanks to give. Its safe to assume I would never have gotten past the "casual scorpion keeper" level if not for the kind/generous help from my good friends here.
Tom van der Ende (Tityus)
Alex Tietz (Nazgul)
Eric Ythier
Patrick Bultell
Vincent Wisse
Oliver St John (fusion121)
Giorgio Mosilini (cant remember what his username is here:? )
and several others as well.
All the compliments I recieve should also go to these people as well, afterall they are MY teachers :). I am forever grateful:worship:


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Jan 17, 2006
little ol me would also like to show my appreciation towards the members of the board. I arrived here, like most newbies, with only basic knowledge and utter incompetence with the latin. Now I basically have most species memorized, I enjoy my collection of hots with utter confidence, and got a good bark scorp colony set up thanks to advice from Brian S and others. And it all started with the good ol emp and a willingness to learn. I hope to continue learning from the masters as I plan my third wave of expansion of my collection :p. It has only been two years and I fell the utmost confidence with my abilities as a keeper, thanks to you all.


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Feb 18, 2006
A little late, I have some thanks to give out too, to those who directly and indirectly remind me why I devote so much time and money to this.

First to skinheaddave, for giving me quite a headstart with research, and putting up with a pm or two.
Prymal/Barkscorpions (Luc) for always bringing something to the discussion and very informative answers.
G. Carnell for all the info on my first scorp.
Brian S. for making me drool over new species and sharing plenty of advice with beginners.
Scott-Land for all the encouragement, especially when dealing with those damn Caraboctonus/Bothriurus (Not sure if you are on this board...)
Manny Rubio for The Scorpion Keeper's Guide, which everyone should have a copy of.
Tityus, Michiel, Ythier, Fusion121, Nazgul, and others who might not have directly communicated with me, but always post something worth reading. A few other people I can't remember at the moment should be mentioned here too, so my apologies if I left you out.

And Tarcan and The Red Queen (Tarantula Canada) for putting up with me in general.

Thanks to everyone
Dave Mc