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Aphonopelma moderatum

Tarantula Lover

Psalmopoeus Lover
Old Timer
Jul 21, 2002
On Saterday May 17, 2003 my Dad got bit by this spid! It was 2" in size, the bite occured from my day showing off the T to the many relatives over our house yesterday, i advised it to first get onto my hand, but he didnt listen, he got the spider in his hand and started walking around and poking at it, the T got defensive and bit him! He experienced some sorreness for a coulple hours. The symptoms laster 3-4 hours as it stinged and was only a dry bite. And what was surprisingly one puncture wound as it only bit him with one fang! (weird). There were no lingering effects thank goodness! I will get a picture as soon as possible!