Ants FRENZY!!!!!


Old Timer
Dec 8, 2005
one of my empty tanks was attacked by these crazy ants, it rained here yesterday so it might be a reason why they moved into my room.

the numbers where astonishing, maybe thousands of ants where on a 2.5 gal tank, i got a 3inch substrate there w/ 1/2 floor space covered w/ vermiculated piece of wood, 4 inch high, 5.5 inch long, 3 inch thick. the wood was lying on the substrate and the ants was seperated on two groups, those workers that has no brood where diging on the substrate while those that are carrying brood where on the wood.

i spoted 2 queens, plenty of winged males, and gazillion of workers. :D

but i need that tank thats why i let them go this morning, its already sun shining here so their previous colony should be already dry, but i cheated them ;P , i got 2 queen out of 5 that where acctually on the tank. :eek:

and one thing that made me a bit confused, they have those small crickets? almost at the same size of them, but it was was too small and might be already an adult. i got one by now, but i got some of them past months, but all died.

any reactions? and can anyone tell me what is that cricket looking bug along w/ the ants?

heres a link to a website showing how it did look like at the backyard when i let them loose.