An Escape Story


Old Timer
Sep 1, 2002
The first tarantula I ever had was a Brachypelma Smithi (mexican red knee) and she was just a spiderling. I raised her for a year and then she grew fast and i moved into a dorm room. She was quite crafty and always trying to escape but she was very docile and i could hold her whenever I wanted. One night I forgot to close her enclosure and she escaped. I was devastated because living in a dorm room made it super hard to find my own belongings in the mess let alone a small spider. I searched high and low for hours and eventually gave up. I was sad. By this time i had acquired some other spiders so I still had some to keep still. I gave up on finding her. Especially since only one of my four roommates were close friends of mine and if the other two found it they would kill it without a thought. A week went by and by this time I had already cleaned out the terarrium and had prepared to buy another spider. I went to the sink to do dishes. I squirted the soap all over the dishes in the sink like I always did and put the plug in and i was about to turn on the scalding hot water when the spider crawled out from underneath a cup. I have no idea how it got there. It was amazing and she lived happily there after in her cage. Except when she died during a molt in January.