Allomyrhina Dichotomus and Chalcosoma Atlas Beetle care info


Jul 28, 2007
Oki doki I'll post my stuff here to a new thread and maybe it will get different sort of attention then piggy backing off another thread.

Anywho BeetleExperienc has been helping me so far with::)



This will solve your Atlas questions, and is a very good site to know:

A. dichotomus is very easy to breed (much easier than Chalcosoma). I'll try to find a link to post


If anyone else has any input I would greatly appreciate it. Here is the first pic of my Atlas's doin their thing! The male you see here is a whopping 103 mm! Not really big by most standards here that I've seen but impressively big to me when ya hold him.

I'll try and get one of my pair of Allomyrhina dichotomus. I'm still new at this so please be patient and gentle with me. Thanks!

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