Aggressive Green Bottles?


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Aug 31, 2002
My Green Bottle molted last week , I was getting ready to feed her a cricket. She always sits ontop of the hide in her cage all webbed up. So I grabbed a pencil to coax her down a bit so I could make sure she didnt jump out for some reason. Then all of a sudden she nailed the pencil several times , it was so fast it freaked me out . I thought Green Bottles were skittish not aggressive. Am I wrong? Now she has me thinking shes not a T that can be trusted and I have to use alittle more common sense when dealing with her. I mean at about 1.5" she is getting alot of color and is really pretty . By the way also my Red Knee her abdomen went from bald ( she flicks hair EVERYTIME I get too close to her ) to a dark black. Is she getting ready to molt? Thanks Alot for any info or help ! !


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Jun 18, 2003
Re: Aggressive Green Bottles

Your GBB may have just been hungry. At that size, they
can usually eat within a day or two of molting. Then again,
there is always the exception to the rule. ;)

My biggest problem with GBB slings is that they love to take
every opportunity to make a run for it. I've had several
opportunities to play "chase" the GBB. The last time, while I was feeding one of mine, it escaped and ran into the bathroom cabinetry. That was about 3 months ago and I haven't seen it since..... :(

As to your Redknee.......yes, it's getting ready to molt. When it does, most likely it will turn itself upside-down (and appear to be "dead" while it is on its back) to do its thing. Be sure not to
disturb it as this is quite a stressful time for your T!

Hope that helps!! :)

Wysi, who is going back to bed now.


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Feb 18, 2003
LOL my gbb sling legs it everytime I take the lid off the container too :D He got to within about 1" of the desk edge the other day.. and he was premoult too!!

He flicks a fair amount and has been known to tag the tweezers, but he has good days and bad days. Usually, he's quite handleable.