AGB male biting off other milli's legs???


Apr 10, 2007
I currently have a breeding pair of AGB millipedes and a tanzanian pink leg female all in the same enclosure. Its been this way for about a week and half.

Male AGB- 8.5"
Female AGB-10"
Female TPL-7"

Ive noticed when I handle the Male AGB he seems to go straight to nibbling, unlike the other two females who hardly nibble at all, if ever. Yesterday ive notice that my female TPL is missing three legs right in a row on the same side of her body. I suspect the Male AGB, because ever since being introduced into the enclosure a couple weeks ago he has constantly been trying to mate with the female AGB with about a 50% sucess rate from what i can see. He seems to have a very active demeanor, and crawls all over both females. I'm wondering if i should worry about this? Should i seperate the male into his own enclosure, or is there a change in diet I can give to him to make him a little less "protien-driven"? Im just looking out for my TPL female. One day i would like to breed her if i can find a mate. Any information you guys can give would be appreciated. Thanks!


Old Timer
Jan 5, 2005
my agbs would eat dead roaches and stuff. i think in nature they are much more detritivore than herbivore as seems to be the sort of tacit consensus when i read about them on forums