African Giants: Caught in the act!


Old Timer
Apr 9, 2004
Well I came in to see how my two new roach additions were doing in my roach/millipede tank. I also wanted to see if they were using the new cork bark stuff I bought for everyone Well they weren't using it yet but after what seemed of like 10 hours of trying to get a female to mate with him he finally succeeded! I witnessed the little organs exposed the female flipped on her back and him jerking his body. Unfortunetely though by the timie I got my camera out they were finished and he was putting his organ away. Well anyways here are the pictures. As always click the thumbnail for larger view. Oh and unfortanetly my camera didn't want to get the best focus heh. :)

and here was a millipede a couple inches away, a hapless bystandard lol