Acanthoscurria geniculata DKS


May 13, 2010
Hy guys!
I have 5 A. geniculata spiderlings and 2 of them catched up diskinetic syndromes about 1,5 months ago.
My strategy was to change a substrate and cut some more holes in vials for better ventilation. I even didn't changed feeders. Then I waited untill they molt.
After molting DKS was gone!!!
Maybe here is strong bound between stress which is caused by bad microclimate and DKS... maybe some bacteria in substrate causes it or bad ventilation (?)...
I red a bunch of information that DKS causes chemically poluted feeders or enviroment or drastic moisture or temperature changes. Also heard about DKS - that it can inborn... There is so many ideas but not prooved reasons.
I also know that 2 tarantulas is not enough to ensure that. But I think that this can be a good method to those keepers, who want to get rid off DKS from their Ts :)
Your ideas about this and DKS?..