A General Call to all Blacklighters


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May 3, 2003
Hi everyone, I am a grad student at Carleton university in Ottawa Canada. I work in an entomolgy/neuroethology lab we conduct research on insect nervous systems. Well enough about that my true purpose is to put a request in to all black lighters this summer, your help would be greatly appreciated we need to locate any Thyatirinae, or more generally any Drepanidae, hook-tip moths for those who prefer common names. If possible live specimens could be received all permits taken care of by us here in Ottawa, (should they be necessary) and any shipping would also be covered by us at the University. If anyone has any insight or has collected these and wants to help out email me at holla8@hotmail.com. I may be able to offer a nominal cash reward as incentive for proven drepanid ova, or live adults. Living specimens is imperative as we need larva for behavioral trials.
thanks all your help with this is greatly apreciated

p.s. add to that any saturniid ova as well this includes any sphinx, or other large moths
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