#2: is my stout leg a stout leg?


Old Timer
Oct 10, 2002
ok this is the 2nd and last possibly missidentified t in my collection. at what age do these guys get their signature thickened hind legs? mine just molted last night and is about 2.5-3". ill try to get a pic. at first i thought maybe they just didnt have them till near adulthood, but well i got this t on the same day at the same shop as the cinnamon tarantula sold to me as a brown velvet. ill try to get a pic once it recovers from its molt and comes out to eat, but its a dingy grey/brown, with the black markings typical of some of the "baboons", ( ie:pterinochilus, ceratogyrus). i know an positive id is impossible from just this description, but should i rule out Eucaratoscelus pachypus?