2 emp questions


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Feb 12, 2003
2 questions:

First, I'm currently using a "black light" to heat the tank, but it's not a true black light (ie. UV), it's a socket bulb. Does this affect the scorps vision, or does that only pertain to true black lights? The reason I ask is because I used to have a red light on them for heat, but they never left their burrows. With the black bulb they tend to come out more, though I worry about long-term dammage. And before you warn me, I know that socket bulbs dry out the tank, but I have a sub-substrate of rocks that I fill with water, and I mist the tank 3 times a day to keep the humidity at 80%)

Second, I have a female who is VERY gravid. The males in my community have attempted to mate with her from the start, but she's never even humored them. She's very large (read, fat), and since about two weeks ago she's stopped eating. I separated her into her own inclosure, but I'm afraid it's too small (one of those "critter keepers"). Will the size of the tank dissuade her from giving birth? And are there any opinions as to how I can incourage her to do so? (for the record, I've raised the temp to 90, and the humidity to 98, plus I've kept the light cycle in sync with that of the rainy season of the west coast of Africa).

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Jan 6, 2003
Just to let you know, fluorescent styled blacklights are near UV, household styled screw ins are dull but also near UV, but help keep it warmer and are, as noticeable, very dull on the lines of the UV rays. You shouldn't have to worry about a screw-in type bulb.
As far as the temp goes, you need not raise it that much. 85 F is sufficient. Actually, 85F is the highest I have ever had to take any of my tanks, though one or two have reached 90 F on seldom occasions (extremely rare and only desert species with a good water source). As far as pursuading a scorp to go ahead and give birth, give her something very large (a good sized locust or something of similar size as her size varies) to eat by use of a long tool (you know I mean). Scorp females seem to prefer larger enclosures, though they will, from what I've heard, give birth in the small ones sometimes (mine never have though, so I personally wouldn't trust it). I use 20L tanks for breeding and mothers of larger species with young and 10 gal for smaller species.