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I collect and breed every classification of tarantula, as well as domestic scorpions, a few centipedes, ball pythons, blood pythons, bearded dragons, dilute and striped cornsnakes, orchids, koi, herbs, old-timey flowers, cactus, and more dubia roaches than you can shake a stick at. Believe me, I've tried. Too many dubias...not enough sticks.

When they fall in the pool or otherwise find their way into the dog run, I deal with venomous snakes and lizards long enough to move them safely into the Tonto National Forest just over the hill. Life in the Sonoran Desert provides never a dull moment.

By profession, I teach communication and theater courses at the college level and occasionally prep schools and direct plays. Yes, I have directed famous people. I was the last person to direct Jack Lemmon on stage before he died. He is one of the greatest gentleman I ever met. I've directed Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Carl and Rob Reiner, Tracey Ullman, Eric idle, and Glynis Johns. Yes, Tom Hanks is just as sweet in person as you think he probably is. And the only time I've ever turned to squish in the presence of celebrity was when I couldn't get a date and Leonard Nimoy volunteered to be my official escort to a post-show reception at the Shakespeare Festival in LA and snagged me the very last piece of CPK BBQ chicken pizza when I was just about too starving and exhausted to stand. Be still, my heart! What a man. The world is just a little bit shabbier now that he is gone.

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