Xenesthis immanis sexing [2/2]
Another attempt, semi more clear photo
too young to ventral sex. Needs to gain some size before being able to get a good guess. BTW, fix that enclosure.
Thanks yeah I figured, and it’s only temporary until I can make her a better one haha. Any suggestions?
Got her as a freebie, still researching proper setups atm. I know they like it on the humid side and are opportunistic burrowers
@Abe yowakim The care is quite easy, fair amount of substrate depth, and keep slightly more on the moist side, but not to wet. And something with less height to prevent fall hazards. They have huge appetites and grow quite fast.
Awesome yeah that’s what I figured. The height is a bit much but other than that I’ll just keep it more on the damp side. Awesome T so far haha
trying to find a decent terrestrial tank is annoying AF, aside from topper ware xD

For slings / juries at least

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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