UK spider ID

UK spider ID

Found this odd little spider today, unfortunately I was spraying gunk out of a car windscreen with brake cleaner, so it wasn’t very happy when it fell out. It appeared to be dead shortly after and was death curled, but has moved since so may pull through.
What is it?
The pic is not very clear but my guess would be Lariniodes sclopetarius, a relatively common orb weaver that is attracted to shiny surfaces (car). The color is variable but your spider seems to have the right pattern. Did you wash it with water after it's bath with break cleaner?
Yes I washed it off straight away, and it resurrected itself about an hour after. It was living under a trim with no visible web of that makes a difference, though it has been maximum 5 degrees C recently.
The reason it caught my eye was it’s fangs. They are quite visible and it was making good use of them when I picked it up. Not a behaviour I have seen in our native spiders.
I would say of the two suggestions it looks more like Nuctenea umbratica with the little dimples on the back. Hour or so and I’ll have some decent pictures.
@boina Abdomen looks very flat to me, and pale patern on carapace seems to be lacking, also it looks overaly quite dark and paterns match better with that of Nuctenea, so I believe this one is Nuctenea. But I agree that Nuctenea/Larinioides can be tricky so maybe better photo @_scorpio_ mentioned would help :)
Having researched Nuctenea i am sure that is what it is. I have a few better pictures which i will try to upload now.

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