Translucent red

Translucent red

I made a few of these to see if the red would effect behavior at all.

I currently have 2 juvy N chromatus, one housed in the red, one in an identical clear.

Will update on this after I have a few weeks of timelapse recorded.

Thanks @moakmeister for inspiration.
Looks awesome! I know you've probably already said it a million times, but where do you get those hinges at? And where would you recommend buying acrylic?

And the quality on these are superb. Far better than the ones people are selling, that warp in a month, for insane prices.
how much does the thing like this cost? Here in europe would probably be more than a 100€.. It's probably better for seeing a T more often but you cannot avoid the colour difference which personally am not a fan of.. Youd have to open it to see the true colours which would probably make the T to hide.. Very interesting concept though! Id love to see if the Ts are out more because of it
Ayy looks dope. My original idea was to just make the tarantula's hide out of red acryllic so the rest of the enclosure would be normal, but we'll see how this works.

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