T. Strimi hitch hiking out of the enclosure.

T. Strimi hitch hiking out of the enclosure.

Water dish was flipped over. Temporary hide was pushed back and half mangled. Decorations completely buried. And what the heck are you doing with your leg? This is why we can’t have nice things..
I have this with my theraphosa (theym settled in /web everywhere) theym c.b but i notice they still move about a lot i reckon its the warmer weather
Yours sounds much worse than one I had a few years ago always hanging from the screen top HAHA! Nice Photo.
@esa space station I have not had this girl long. She was wild caught in mid March this year. I think she is not loving captive life yet. Do you recall how long it took yours to settle it?
@Ztesch She was dang near Anorexic when I first got her. The stress of the wild caught did not do her well. She doesn’t even have hairs to flick.

She had just finished a rat the day before. My adult male (Davvy) has just blocked him self off for his final molt so this girl needs molt ASAP for a breeding project.
@Pennywise Yours had temper tantrums too? Sigh, I have to use a screen to block her from fanging me to change her water because she charges like a bull. Crazy girl.
I have been looking into purchasing a cb T. Stirmi. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be posting a pick of one .
@Ztesch I have one CB T. strimi that is now a massive 1.25” sling (Peanut). I think when they grow up with you in their space, they have a bit more totalitarian because they are used to it. Peanut doesn’t even run away much anymore. Super cute.

The count down of new sling pictures starts... Now!! Haha I don’t t know why but I get super excited when other people get new slings.
@Drea Yes this is exactly why I want a CB Stirmi. Also because I enjoy watching them grow. This is the #1 Tarantula missing in the collection. Can't wait.

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