Sold as Acanthoscurria geniculata

Sold as Acanthoscurria geniculata

He said it was a genic ?

What did you think ? it was or not ?
At that size no one can tell you with absolute certainty what species it is. I suppose you'll have to wait a few or more moults. ;)

But if it was a reputable dealer/breeder chances are good it's an A. geniculata. :)
As Thekla said, no one can identify it at that size beyond saying it's a new world terrestrial. I don't have that species so I'm not positive, but most species start developing adult coloration at about 4 or 5 cm legspan. Genics are supposed to be great eaters though, so you shouldn't have to wait too long before it's big enough to identify
Like everyone else said, time will tell. But the faint stripping on some of the pictures looked just like mine did as a sling.

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