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coloratovillsus...with flash
Yeah, phone cameras kind of require a flash.

You have a Samsung phone, right? Because so do I :D Before you take the picture, tap on your subject to "manually" focus it. The flash will come on for a moment, and a green square should come up where you tapped. If the square it red, do it again because that means it didn't focus. Once the flash turns off, snap the picture. The timing takes some practice. It'll keep that same focus and lighting, so it won't be so ungodly saturated.
Do you think this is out of focus?

Mine automatically focuses as the flash is on. I know what you are talking about though, I have accidentally done it, but really didn't understand the difference in what it was doing.

I usually focus it with my flashlight, then with the flash, the camera auto focuses.

(yes, samsung)
@cold blood I actually don't know the word for it. Sharpness? Do you see how setae almost look like static on a television? I don't know the word for that.

But by tapping, I think that it gives the camera more time to focus and process. Purely speculation, though. Pictures definitely look better, though.

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