My P. irminia sling

My P. irminia sling

my pretty tiny suntiger sling molted last night and i managed to get a good picture. my opinion: female, yours?
i could see a patch, looking like a smiling lips. when i hold it towards the sunlight, the light was coming through that patch, which none of my male exuviums had. also it is very difficult to see a patch for it is a tiny sling. so i decided female, well after 2-3 months we can be sure anyway.
In the picture there are two brown "finger-like" projections right above the furrow. Those are the spermatheca which led me to say female.
I think this is what spiderfield is referring to. I blew it up a bit and highlighted what I think he's seeing on the right image.


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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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