my G.rosea

my G.rosea

he/she is a gray blue now
From that pic it looks like its a Grammostola rosea because it has a pink "head" and the rest is brown...and, thats the type of spider i have except mine isnt grown up all the way yet so i dont know...but mine is a rosea and its looks like that!
Just warning you that if most people on this board see that picture you will get tons of posts telling you to change your substrate. Wood chips of any kind is generally considered a big no-no for T's. Check the sticky on how to really take care of your G. rosea in the Q & D forum.

My advice: Get all wood chips out of that enclosure and use instead some peat moss, eco-earth (coconut husk), or some combination of the 2.
Whoops, just noticed how old this was and that you changed the substrate. I feel silly. >_

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