Juvenile L. violaceopes

Juvenile L. violaceopes

Proof of female ;)

Do all female tarantulas ALWAYS shed their spermathecae, and if so are they ALWAYS this large and easily seen? Or do some species have smaller spermathecae? Or spermathecae of a different shape?

Does it vary???
thanks :) she is a juvenile with an approximately 5-6cm legspan. I was amazed by the size of her spemathecae actually. I havent seen so big in any of my females. But i know it is very spesific to the kind of species. females of some species dont have spermathecae as far as i know but i cannot recall which. i couldnt see the spermathecae of my P. irminia of the same size
I have a Brachypelma smithi (mexican redknee) and I was told by the breeder that he was 100% sure she was a female when I got her. She had about a 3 inch legspan at the time, so she was bigger, not a baby. Does this species have spermathecae?
yes.....its a very easy species to sex with the spermathecae. Congrats on the girl singapore blue you lucky dog.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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