Insect ID

Insect ID

What kind of insect is this? Found it in my dubia feeder, it burrowed itself in my chams house as a baby and it grew into a Beatle of such idk
Looks like a mealworm beatle. I breed my own mealworms for my spiders and that is what they look like as a beatle.
Mealworm beetle. I actually saw one for the first time like a month ago in my A. seemanni's enclosure, one had buried itself a while before I guess.
It's the insect that happens when you don't crush worm heads, and even occasionally when you do.
I had bad expirience esspecially with super worm, my advice always take out the feeders if t rejects or at least if there isnt enough substrate for him to burrow so you can check tomorrow morning. I dont breed worms anymore, only dubias and crickets (on occasion)
@FlyKiwiFly Good advice.......I always watch when I feed my spiders. If they don't eat within five minutes......I take the food out and try again a few days or a week later.
Me thinks your chameleon was doing such a great job been a chameleon that the mealworm beatle didn't even notice :p

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