Help with identification

Help with identification


I need help with this species.

Is this a tarantula sling? If so, what species? I was thinking of a G. Anthracina cause they are typical from my country (Uruguay), but I really need help with this one.
Seems like it would thicker legs with hairs if G anthracina -- even if a large sling. How many eyes does it have? Did you catch it locally?
Will follow this - he's interesting looking, esp the legs slimming down to points.
@Ellenantula I caught it locally, under rocks. I thiiiiiiiink it has 6 eyes, like 4 and 2 under those. I can't see properly because it's really small, like 2cm.

Thanks for your answer. I would appreciate more help but mods deleted my other post.:sorry:
Ah -- six eyes sounds like a recluse -- hence my asking. But I hate people who claim everything is a recluse, so decided to play it safe and ask about eye count instead. And I'm not even sure they exist where you live -- though I googled Uruguay & recluse.
Google it yourself and see if you see the pix I see.... Be careful with it, just in case.
Disclaimer: I am lousy at IDs.
@Braulio Paz I have no idea -- I just noticed when I went looking for spiders in Uruguay with skinny pointed legs and coloured brown (with darker rump) like yours, I kept coming up with recluses. In the US, there is a violin shape that helps ID them -- but I know there are many varieties of recluses. I do know recluses (at least in the US) have 6 eyes. Tarantulas have 8 eyes. Yours could obviously be something completely different -- I stink at IDs -- but I believe yours is a true spider and not a tarantula. Sorry I am not more help. :(
Also, I am just going by your picture -- you can google spiders in your country and compare with your live specimen -- I can't. Good luck!
@SAPHIE Yeah, I tend to agree -- esp with the 6 eyes count. Wish I could have seen it person myself -- pix are sometimes harder to identify by.

Oh well, if careful, I know some members here do keep recluses and widows.

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