Help Mbalfouri Gender!!
This is my half inch mbalf.
is it a male or fem? Thanks.
You're wanting to know it's sex.

Half an inch is far too small. Patience is virtue, let it molt a couple more times and try again.
How did you measure? if it is 1/2” DLS then i would like to say you did an amazing job unraveling and photographing such a small molt. Even if it is 1/2” body length that is pretty good. Unfortunately though. M. balfouri are one of the most difficult species to see IME. even larger specimens the spermathicae are quite small and nearly impossible to see (for me at least) without some serious magnification.

I was just able to sex a 2.4” molt today and got a picture at 120x magnification. You can see just how tiny the part you are looking for is to see. in the picture with the molt and scale, you can see the detatched part of the abdomen but the spermathicae are not possible to see.

@weibkreux IMO an adult can be sexed by eye but even then it is kore dificult than a spider that size should be. But even just a basic hand magnifying glass and decent eyesight would probably work on 3+ inch molts.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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