Bought as haplopelma, but dont't know what haplopelma, any ideas?
it may not even be a haplopelma. it could also be cyriopagopus schioedtei. i have seen them before in this morph. an H lividum is a definite no
Your Haplopelma lividum is exactly the same as mine.

The problem is, for reasons i don't know why but maybe maturity or sex, is the blue (which looks really nice) is only visible under certain lights and conditions.

Mine is a female. active at night, when upset or disturb moves very quick and normally takes a "dry bite". cleaning and moving during the day is good as mine is docile "Sleepy"? then.
One more thing. I live in Japan and the dealer i use bought a batch of these from the North Of Thailand and the color variations are considerable without checking its sex, if it is mature or had its ultimate moult.
as it is difficult to identify sometimes my personal observation is the Cyriopagopus Schioedtei or Malaysian Earth Spider as it is also sometimes called, although it has the same markings on its rump, its hairs tend to be more upright and "wild looking" than that of Haplopelma lividum.

Ill try to take some more photos of mine to help out identification.
Definitely not a lividum eh? If you say so!

My money would be FIRMLY on lividum.... just like an old specimen of mine pictured below...

Here's my lividum after it molted out male. Completely lost all its blue.


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