Extremely rare sighting (Omothymus schioedtei)

Extremely rare sighting (Omothymus schioedtei)

First time I have seen her out since I rehoused
@Luke Alexander Also, the species labeled "nomen dubium" (plural "nomina dubia") mean that is not currently recognized as a valid species. (Several hobby species names are actually nomina dubia.)
@Ungoliant No, that's not what nomen dubium means. It means that the species is not well enough described and needs further research. It can still be a valid species and usually is. It is recognized as that species until further research comes along.
How beautiful. I was thinking how the abdomen resembles Tiger stripes then on a quick google research I discover it’s called a Malaysian Earth Tiger!
I know you’re all thinking ‘go away doofus’ but I’m new to the hobby and learning all this new stuff really excites me! Lolz
There are some stunning old worlds, but I’m so scared of ow’s. I’m hoping that will ease of once I become more proficient and confident. I’m sure plenty started in the hobby like me swearing they would never have an old world but now have plenty! I swore I’d only get one and within two months I have six! xx
@boina My one was out the other evening, rare occasion indeed. Mine is about 2" DLS and an orange colour - Too quick for a picture though.

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