Euathlus sp.
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Euathlus sp.

Also known as Euathlus sp. "Metropolitana".
Where is this from??
Metropolitana is a region in Chile... So I think this is a spider from this area!
Actually, I don't know exactly where these guys came from, besides Chile, the history of these specimens in pet trade is a lil bit confused.

They were first introduced in the hobby as Paraphysa scrofa, back in 2010, at least around here, if I remember correctly.
When the genus was interily moved to Phrixotrichus, keepers kept calling them, P. scrofa.

Then, a revision article came out, around 2014/2015, stating that one of the mainly taxonomical characters of Phrixotrichus genus is the presence of two lateral mirror patches.
On other words, these guys weren't P. scrofa and the real deal was another individual, totally different from pet trade ones.

So, these "hobby material" was named Euathlus sp. Throughout these years, it has been called E. manicata, E. parvulus, E. parvulus (Red Color Form), E. sp. "Metropolitana" and even, E. sp. "Metropolitana" (Red Color Form), lol.

I called them only as Euathlus sp., but if I remember correctly, E. sp. "Metropolitana"is the name people are used to these days, but who knows what they really are?
Paraphysa scrofa, back in 2010
This is true, I had one of the scrofa back then. First small T I owned, we called here the Chilean Copper. But the rest is true, it was not the true scrofa. I had a feeling this T of yours is what I had years ago. Of course who knows that, not even me.

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