E. Murinus?

E. Murinus?

This T was sold to me as a "skeleton" leading me to believe it's an E. Murinus. However the guy who sold it to me kept it on gravel so I doubt he could tell it apart from a metallica, and it's unsexed as well. I thought it was a murinus until it didn't burrow, which confused me, so now I'm here.
It is E. murinus.

They prefer moist sub so no harm there. Make sure there is plenty of it, then give it time to settle. It could take some time before it starts to burrow.

Try poking a starter burrow to help it adapt quicker.
Yes, E.murinus. Let dry a bit the substrate but, anyway, never too much 'dry'. They need time for burrow, btw.
@KezyGLA I've given her (I suspect it's a her) about 5 inches of substrate and a nice starter burrow but it doesn't seem to take to it. Its eaten twice since the rehouse so I'm assuming its settled in as well. I think that maybe because the guy was keeping it on gravel it's never had a chance to burrow before so its not starting one?
@Greasylake it will burrow but 5" of substrate isnt enough for an adult of this species. They are basically complete fossorial and make deep burrows. I give mine 9" of substrate, the same as I do my Asian fossorials, and they burrow right to the bottom of enclosure
@KezyGLA I'll get it a deeper enclosure then, I'd like to wait to see if it actually starts to burrow first though to make sure I just didn't end up with a broken one.
Another question, how would I be able to tell she's mature? She hasn't molted with me, but she's about 4 or 5 inches.

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