Could Use Some With The Id Of This T.

Could Use Some With The Id Of This T.

Found this on Craigslist. The lighting is bad and it's really hard to tell what it is exactly. It looks like it might be an avic., but I'm not sure. Could use some help identifying it. Thanks!
Should also mention that I haven't purchased it yet. But, I'm thinking about it. According to the seller, it seems to be under a lot of stress. The only thing that's interested in it currently is the cats. The poor darling needs some love.
J.huff23 said:
Looks like Grammostola rosea to me. Could you get a closer and brighter picture?

I asked for one and he said he would post it but so far no such luck.

e: It would make more sense if it would be a G. rosea considering he purchased it from a pet shop, but they apparently didn't tell him what species it was.

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