Ceratogyrus Marshalli sex by the horn?
I have been reading that in this species, only the females develop the horn. I am working on my ventral sexing skills and I chose female after a few hours of looking at her/him. There is a massive horn presence too. Is it true about the horn? Was I correct on the ventral sex identification?
I beleive that is female by vent. I know some ceratogyrus species have the horn no horn thing but I can't remember which species that's true for.
I truly hope so. I have named her Evil Little B but she is one of favorites. I haven’t been able to get an intact molt yet but soon. I wish I knew more about the horn thing. A trip to the library is needed very soon.
@Drea If it has a horn it's a female all the way. All male C. marshalli will develop a small bump at most, but most male C. marshalli have small/flat horns. BTW, you don't capitalize the species name, just the genus, so it's C. marshalli ;)
@Liquifin She is 100% a female than. Her horn is massive. I have finally won the T lottery with an OW. Now to look for a Ceratogyrus marshalli boyfriend.
And thank you for information on the incorrect capitalization. Learn something new everyday.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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