Can't beleive the color on this
I wish I had gotten 10 of these. I saw the slings and the adult pics and wasn't that into them little did I know they go through some of the most amazing phases of color on their way to maturity. Will def be watching for more of these slings
Got a laeta myself the other month, can't get over how even more surreal blue the slings are to even versi's, but like the adult color. The colors of later stages are pretty incredible. can't wait for my little blue one to show these colors!
I have always been into more of the old world T's but I have recently fell in love with the Avics. I have an A. avicularia and a C. versicolor and I am head over heels with them. Wonderful colors and never boring. Always out and lounging around. I do not find their care difficult in the slightest.

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