C. vitattus?

C. vitattus?

Bought from a kid who ordered it from backwater reptiles, claimed it was a "thick tail scorpion"
Looks like a Tityus stigmurus to me, but I'm not very well versed in scorps. Poor kid, don't understand why people buy from them. They are pretty terrible from what I have seen, and often get species wrong. Good find thiugh, really like the colors on that scorp :D
@WeightedAbyss75 I just looked up the stigmurus and their tails are much thicker than the one I have. I agree with you about backwater....I've never ordered from them and never will. I've seen way too many unboxing horror videos from them to last me a lifetime and a half. The kid wanted $20 for it, admitted he was scared of it and I got it for $15.
This is just because I'm curious, but did he say why he bought it if he was scared of it? Seems awefully strange, but at least it worked in your favor ;)
@WeightedAbyss75 He said he wanted to get a chubby frog instead. I'm going to assume he was intimidated after doing some reading about them? I'm not sure. Honestly though, it's been pretty laid back. I have it in a medium sized deli cup with a water dish, cocofiber sub and a fake leaf that it loves to be on top of. until a month ago, it ate like a little piggy, but now it's fat and I'm sure it's due for a molt soon.
Nice! What size is it? May even be gravid, but that seems like a stretch. Always good to hope though, right? Maybe Backwater actually kept them communally ;)
Its small. with the tail laid out I would probably be close to 2 ish inches. I wouldn't mind gravid if I knew exactly what it was lol
I honestly don't know what it is @CreepTumorXD As it states in the description, a kid bought this from backwater reptiles as a thick tail scorpion...obviously it's not a thick tail. The kid was scared of it and I bought it from him. Picture ID can be tricky, but from what I'm guessing its a C. vitattus...just not 100% certain.

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