I know this is vague but bear with me. A guy from my fiance's class has a sister that was scared by this tarantula in Brazil. That is all I know, any ideas on what it is?
That was my best guess too. I will have to ask again where they were at when they happend to see the T.
no offense pisture looks fake lol but the tarantula looks like lysodora parahybana to me (salmo bird eater)
I see how the T resembles both, but I am not able to get anymore information. It was a classmate of my fiance wanted to know what it was. They were in Brazil and it scared the crap out of his sister. Thats all I know. My fiance told them "giant brazilian black" and that was good enough for them. So thanks for all the help :)
This is a Lasiodora parahybana, probably female or a subadult male. It´s impossible to sex the spider 100% from this pic, but i am sure that it´s a not an adult male parahybana. Adult males of this species look more brown or paler instead of the normal colors and have obvious mating hooks and bulbusses.
Update: It was found about a mile away from the Christ the Redeemer Statue giant thingy in the jungle national park in Rio de Janeiro. If it helps...

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