Another feral Narceus (I think?)

Another feral Narceus (I think?)

This one in North Carolina (USA)
Just a wee bit of scientific bits and bobs: feral refers to a domestic animal like a dog that reverts back to a wild state after it escaped captivity. This millipede was not domesticated so you can just call it wild.

Nice Narceus! The ones I caught in North Carolina were of the N. americanus group, much thicker and paler than this one which more closely resembles N. cf. annularis. What particular part of the sate was this picture taken in? Maybe the two morphs or species overlap in some parts.
Forgot to rate it too! Excellent photos, what camera do you use?
Thanks for the compliments (and the correction on "feral" vs. "wild." I'm glad to know they're not synonyms)!

A have a nice Canon system optimized for macro work (5D Mark 3, with a groovy 100mm macro lens, and 1 or 2 flashes I don't use very well).

I'm typically out there in the field tracking down amphibians to photograph (amphibians are the main targets of my nature photography) But I always try to take the time to notice and enjoy many of the inverts I come across. Especially millipedes, which share many of the same cool, damp, humid habitats as frogs and salamanders.
Oh, and this was shot creekside in the far Southwest corner of the state, in the mountains not far from a small town called Murphy.
@davehuth The ones I caught were in the direct middle of the state, so I guess N. cf. annularis takes the western half and N. americanus takes the eastern, more coastal habitat. Good to know!

And I also saw many salamanders in 'pede habitat including Plethodon glutinosus and Pseudotriton! Some were under the same logs as the millipedes.

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