A. Seemanni
Well here he is. My first T. So far he's really calm, has checked out every inch of his enclosure, and is cozy in his hole.
Love the A. seemanni :D. They are a great species, but it could also use a feeding as it's quite skinny. They also appreciate some moist substrate. Also note that they are excavators and are burrow a lot, so some deep substrate is appreciated for these guys. I hope you enjoy yours, as I love mines and I might get a second soon. ;)
How do I comment with a pic? I've got about 4" of sub in a container that's 7" deep. I found a really nice long piece of cork bark that made a pretty deep hole. He took a large cricket to it almost immediately. He's been really calm and seems happy so far.
@animaliaadvocate216 to upload a pic with a comment, you have to go to an already uploaded gallery image, copy the "share image" link and paste it into the "insert image" tab which is one of the options above where you type a message.

Nice job on your first T, I would probably take the rocks out of his dish as I hear that sometimes it actually prevents them drinking, and at that size the only way you're going to drown them is by forcing them underwater for ages
@RezonantVoid Thanks. I'll be replacing the water dish all together. I didn't like it when I got it in a tank kit a while back and still don't. I've seen people use cups that look pretty deep so I wasn't using the rocks for safty purposes, I just thought they'd look nice, then realized I don't care about looks and my T doesn't either so I'm going to stick with cups or caps.
@animaliaadvocate216 I just pour water into the substrate and let it sink in. Which lasts me about a week and a half without having to moisten the substrate. You basically want it where the substrate has moisture, but not too much to where you can squeeze a lot water out of. Because they don't like wet but moist.

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