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Man, I must just really be into greys these days, because grey spiders are just pushing every single button in the world. This is a gorgeous creature! Don't suppose you have any slings?! Oh wait, you're in Scotland, aren't you?! Well rats.
Even though i find things like poecilotherias for example to be absolutely stunning, i also love just plain colours with a few patterns. Even though i cant own anything other than phlogius, selenotypus or coremiocnemis, this has still gotta be one of my favourite species
Well dang, boy! What you got over there that's interesting and unusual? If you've got any euathlus at all, I want first refusal! Ditto any unusual stichoplastoris or purple phormictopus.

PS, I totally dig your new profile photo!
@RezonantVoid I respect so much your country's attempt to keep its wildlife safe and avoid things like rabies and so forth. But I have to say it makes me feel like an absolute rat, and not in the good sense, for having a really beautiful bearded dragon who is my very favorite exotic pet. If I had to lose everything but one, Winston Spencer Churchill, my Sedona red beardie, would be the one guy in the lifeboat with me.
@Dovey honestly I see why Aus has these laws but I dislike the "ban everything" approach. The reason we have pest problems is from deliberate introduction into the ecosystem. I don't think an exotic tarantula that could POTENTIALLY escape from an enclosure would last a week outside. I think we should be able to have exotics under certain conditions, even if it means we can only buy from select companies. Aside from that, beardies are amazing ;)

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