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Starting a Breeding Program for H. longimanus, P. Dictator, P. Imperator and others

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Nightrainfalls, May 25, 2017.

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    I thought about breeding Emperors also to help re-populate the species for a while now...ugh and to replace all the ones I had back in the day...man, I had a lot of Emps...I'll join you on your quest. I'll be on the look out for Emperors too. I won't be full speed ahead like you, I'll treat this as a side project. I have Leiurus and Androctonus species to focus on...but yeah count me in.
  2. Tleilaxu

    Tleilaxu Arachnoprince Old Timer

    All I can really say for myself was back in these glorious days as well, I managed to breed my p. imperator and as a result managed to hopefully save 20 scorpions from being plucked from the wild.(Not bad for a first timer eh?) But still sadly not even a drop in the bucket.

    Sadly I'm not in a position to help, hopefully there will still be p imperator and dictator when I settle down and am able to rebuild my collection.
  3. My p imperator is prego, should birth by September. H longimanus is bred by Pinchers and Pokies so they may also offer help!
  4. KYguy

    KYguy Arachnopeon

    I just had a though, and it may be completely undoable. But, how hard would it be for us to start a registry like they do with dog and cat breeds? Kind of like the AKC or one of the others. Seems like it would be as easy as starting a club. I am currently a member of many kennel clubs such as the GSD club, which is for German Shepard Dogs. It sounds a lot like what you are trying to do Nightrainfalls.

    So basically, we can send off for paper's to certify stock that is present. To certify the current stock it must be sex-able and have good pics as proof and then it gets issued its own number "VIN #". And any of the current UN-sexed young scorps that we know came from one of these certified parents could still be given a number as well as its parents can be accounted for.

    Maybe that in one generation we could have all the scorps registered and accounted for here. So that we can know %100 the genetics. I am sure many would be willing to donate a small amount to help the project. Heck, even if it's lets say $5 to certify one of your scorps. It should cover the paper to print the certification out on and to mail it. And of course it could be documented and tracked on a linkable data sheet, so you could look up a scorps history before buying. As well as be able to find breeders easier.

    Maybe even have a volunteer committee to over see this kind of project. And maybe it might even be able to be run off just donations. If we could manage no cost to the owners by running off donations they would be more apt to getting them certified. And get the ball rolling, even if its just in the beginning. Until it takes off a little bit and becomes the standard as it is with pure breed dogs.

    Any thoughts?
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  5. Prophet

    Prophet Arachnosquire

    This is one of the most noble causes I've seen in awhile. I currently have 5 Imperators. 4 females with 1 I know for sure is gravid. I'll gladly send you some for free when the babies come. I'll message you when the time comes. Good luck in your breedings and plans..