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Forbidden scorpions

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Rigelus, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Rigelus

    Rigelus Arachnoknight

    <poop> I just found out that my A.australis and L.q are forbidden scorpions in Denmark.
    Yet just over the border in Germany (where i got mine) theres no problems. Crikey those characters have got it all, no speed limit on the motorways, cleanest red light area in europe and curried bockwurst.

    "What to do now :? " he asked in a not asking a question sort of way, "guess that put's a downer on discussing them on the Danish forums :confused: ".
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  2. Steffen

    Steffen Arachnobaron Old Timer

  3. ScorpDude

    ScorpDude Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Either get rid of them or tell nobody about them :p
  4. Darwinsdad

    Darwinsdad Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Your best option is very obvious. You need to get rid of the specimens in question and do so in a legal and if at all possible humane way. Selling them back over the border in Germany would seem the most sensible but since I am not in your position I can but only speculate.
  5. Rigelus

    Rigelus Arachnoknight

    Yes Steffen i didn't know that but do now i guess and Darwinsdad (was'nt he a priest!) that option is allready in effect.

    I was leaning over to communal scorpions anyway.
  6. ReptileMan27

    ReptileMan27 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Im sure if you kept them no one would now the difference if you didnt advertise that you had them. But thats up to you :)
  7. Steffen

    Steffen Arachnobaron Old Timer

    It's a small country. If he got stung, it could have ill effects on the whole hobby and the media would go crazy and write about KILLER SCORPIONS and the politicians might just someday consider to make every single animal illegal. This is a worst-case scenario and perhaps a bit exaggerated aswell, however the theory is very realistic in Denmark these days. There is no antidote either.

    Another thing that comes to mind is, if he didn't know about the laws of the country, I would assume he haven't been in the hobby for a very long time and therefor those species wouldn't be the best choise for him.

    Even if we forgot about these facts for a while, your are in fact, actually encouring him to break the law! Seriously bad advise...honestly!

    Example: Not that long ago a man died in Sweden. The man had a P. imperator. Guess what the press wrote? Every single person in Scandinavia knew about it in a second and obviously P. imperator is the most deadly and aggressive beast on the planet, wich mainly feeds on small kids and weak people.
  8. JSN

    JSN Arachnodemon

    yeah, I'd keep them, and if someone ever asks (which they probably wont), just say "oh their such and such" and dont tell anyone the real species...
  9. monty_

    monty_ Arachnopeon

    The scorpion didnt kill him. I think he died of some infection.
  10. Rigelus

    Rigelus Arachnoknight

    No Steffen, i've not been in the scorpion section of exotic insects for so long, just a touch over half a year but our tropical room has been up and running for about 4 years now so i'm not that green.
    As for what i should and shouldn't have well thats up to me now isn't it!.
    I'll concede that in this particular case the law is not on my side so theres no argument there but all this "a beginner should start at the bottom of the ladder" cr*p wears pretty thin with me.

    BTW, do you drive? are you up to date with all the traffic laws.......
  11. Steffen

    Steffen Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Exactly Monty. That's the whole point. :)

    Rigelus - No I don't drive. Anyway I don't think you can compare it. Even then, do you think it justifies breaking a law because you break another one? :p
  12. PIter

    PIter Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Androctonus spp., Buthus spp., Centruroides spp., Tityus spp., Hottentotta spp., Leiurus spp. samt Parabuthus spp.


    You guys have some damned lame laws!
  13. sick4x4

    sick4x4 Arachnoprince


    i think we as hobbiest, should set the example...we are tring to futher the hobby, not hinder it...i know, i know, its not the responce we really want to hear...yet we are the people with the knowledge to disern right and wrong...we have at sometime broken laws.going to fast, not wearing a seatbelt,smoking pot!!!ect.ect....thats not an excuse to futher break them. so using that as an example isn't warnited...and its kinda petty and childish...if its not lawfull to keep these species then dont..encourging someone to break the law is foolish...best thing to do is find out what it would take to get them legal..write letters, find out the people u need to talk to, and talk to them....if knowledge is what it is needed then you have a wealth of it here on the boards..im glad u posted this statement..its something that should be made clear to all hobbist's....dont be the one selfish guy that ruin's it for everone else.....experiance speaks for itself...perfect example michael has finally done enough work to get aussie t's in the U.S. of coarse there might have been a few with these t's illegally but because of years of work they are finally legal to get in the U.S....follow this example..and one day in the very near future..they will be legal..thats what the hobby is about!!this was'nt directed at anyone so please dont take offence...remember we are the only voice for these animals....
  14. Crotalus

    Crotalus Arachnoking Old Timer

    You can thank your danish herpetological society (http://nhf.dk/homepage/)
    for that law. They worked over 15 years of trying to get that law in use and a few years ago they succeeded. One thing that should be mentioned is one of the boardmembers breeds a smaller crocodile species (perhaps caiman) and that species was not on the list of forbidden animals..
    That societys member should be ashamed.
  15. dGr8-1

    dGr8-1 Arachnoknight

    Boy! this is one tough topic. The law as against our hobby (better yet our passion and love for these animals.)

    Best of luck guys.
  16. Steffen

    Steffen Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Crotalus - That can't be the whole truth. Why would NHF be interested in making inverts illegal? The society only concerns herps. As far as I've heard, Henrik Herold should have something to do with it aswell.
  17. ScorpDude

    ScorpDude Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Just say you bought it as a desert hairy and didn't know better, you do hear stories every now and again of dangerous being mis-id'd and being sold as harmless scorpions.
  18. Rigelus

    Rigelus Arachnoknight

    No Steffan you've got it all wrong, you to 4x4.
    My point with the driving had nothing to do with law Vs law. My point was that just because I didn't know the law had changed 4 years ago, it don't make me a moron...Or, you don't have to know the highway code inside and out to be a competent and safe driver.

    However Steffen does have a point!
    For all you's out there who may have heard that Denmark has a free and liberal society I've got some bad news for you, it's hasn't. Hysterical, conservative and naive I would say. One person with a big complaining mouth can do a lot of damage over here, especially if their complaint has a ring of "sensibility" to it and won't actually cost anything to implement.

    As for changing a law that took 15 years to bring into effect. I can say right now that it would take a better man than me to pull that off. The opposition would be real tough and at the end of the day I'd be a foreigner living in Denmark trying to tell them what to do. Remember the hysterical I mentioned....!!!

    No that sort of thing would have to be initiated by a Dane and a Dane within the loop to boot.

    I wonder on a country by country basis just how many people have been stung and killed by these species that are banned in Denmark. I'd be especially interested in knowing how many people had died in other Scandinavian countries plus Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Holland, Austria and Switzerland.
    Is there anyone out there in these respective countries that have ever heard of anyone being killed or seriously injured for that matter by a dangerous scorpion that was kept by a hobbyist?
  19. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    This topic is fascinating. I thought only my country was insane.

    Here, I need to belong to a Herp society for a minimum of one year. Then one of the other members has to "donate" an indigenous animal to me. I am still not allowed to sell, transport or export it.

    Furthermore, I have to do a "venomous animals" course if I want to keep something dangerous.


    A twelve year old can buy a Saw scaled viper at a petshop, and he only needs his parents permission.

    Rigelus, even though it frustrates and angers you, you will make the rest of the hobbiests look very bad if you did get stung. It does suck, but the bigger picture is always more important. Our hobby is generally frowned upon by society. No one can understand why you would want to keep something that could potentially end your life. To further their cause, they will use every bad thing as an argument.

    Whether people have died or not isn't the point, but what I can tell you is that people have been severely disfigured by their captives.

    The governing bodies usually look at things as a whole. While we never really agree with it, they do have an argument. If your scorpion had to escape and sting a child, who subsequently dies or is disfigured because no doctor knows what's wrong, you might see things slightly differently. You may argue "but my scorpion will never escape", which it might not. But your neighbour's might.

    Unfortunately there are people out there that spoil this hobby for responsible keepers. We just have to grin and bear it, and keep trying to educate the public that not everyone that keeps these things are phsycologically challenged.
  20. Crotalus

    Crotalus Arachnoking Old Timer

    The society have over and over the years written articles on why they want to see a ban against some terrarium animals. The society only concerns some terrarium animals such as corns, kings etc.
    Now they got the law and in that law some inverts was included. No one protested, not even Exotiske Insekter.